Reading Instruction That Works

Reading Instruction That Works
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The Case for Balanced Teaching
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Michael Pressley
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This widely adopted text and K-8 practitioner resource demonstrates how successful literacy teachers combine explicit skills instruction with an emphasis on reading for meaning. Distinguished researcher Richard L. Allington builds on the late Michael Pressley's work to explain the theories and findings that guide balanced teaching and illustrate what exemplary lessons look like in action. Detailed examples offer a window into highly motivating classrooms around the country. Comprehensive in scope, the book discusses specific ways to build word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, especially for readers who are struggling.

New to This Edition

*Updated throughout to reflect important recent research advances.

*Chapter summing up the past century's reading debates and the growing acceptance of balanced teaching.

*New and revised vignettes of exemplary teachers.

Introduction to the Fourth Edition, Richard L. Allington

Introduction to the Third Edition, Michael Pressley

1. Skills Emphasis, Meaning Emphasis, and Balanced Reading Instruction: A Short History

2. Skilled Reading

3. Children Who Experience Problems in Learning to Read

4. Before Reading Words Begins

5. Learning to Recognize Words

6. Fluency

7. Vocabulary

8. Expert Literacy Teaching in the Primary Grades, with Ruth Wharton-McDonald

9. The Need for Increased Comprehension Instruction

10. Motivation and Literacy

11. Concluding Reflections

Appendix: Landmarks in Development of Literacy Competence (or, What Happens When)

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