Anxiety and Its Disorders, Second Edition

Anxiety and Its Disorders, Second Edition
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The Nature and Treatment of Anxiety and Panic
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David H. Barlow
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This landmark work is indispensable for anyone studying anxiety or seeking to deliver effective psychological and pharmacological treatments. David H. Barlow comprehensively examines the phenomena of anxiety and panic, their origins, and the roles that each plays in normal and pathological functioning. Chapters coauthored by Barlow with other leading experts then outline what is known about the classification, presentation, etiology, assessment, and treatment of each of the DSM-IV anxiety disorders. A definitive resource for researchers and clinicians, this is also an ideal text for graduate-level courses.

1. The Experience of Anxiety: Shadow of Intelligence or Specter of Death?

2. Fear, Anxiety, and Theories of Emotion

3. The Nature of Anxious Apprehension

4. The Phenomenon of Panic

5. Provoking Panic in the Laboratory

6. Biological Aspects of Anxiety and Panic

7. True Alarms, False Alarms, and Learned (Conditioned) Anxiety: The Origins of Panic and Phobia

8. The Origins of Anxious Apprehension, Anxiety Disorders, and Related Emotional Disorders: Triple Vulnerabilities

9. Classification of Anxiety Disorders

Timothy A. Brown, David H. Barlow

10. Panic Disorder

Kamila S. White, David H. Barlow

11. Specific Phobias

Martin M. Antony, David H. Barlow

12. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Terence M. Keane, David H. Barlow

13. Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder)

Stefan G. Hofmann, David H. Barlow

14. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Lizabeth Roemer, Susan M. Orsillo, David H. Barlow

15. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Gail Steketee, David H. Barlow


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