Talking Dogs
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Talking Dogs

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Sam Mason
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Dog lovers of all stripes will enjoy the captivating stories of the authors pets, and his thoughtful musings about them and their lives with him and his family. Convinced that his pooches have all been blessings from God, Sam further sees the Creator using them to graphically illustrate vital life principles. In Talking Dogs those principles emerge from a new perspective as you catch an over-the-shoulder view of Sams experiences with his beloved furry companions, and the wonderful Scriptural insights that have flowed from those relationships.
Every pet lover will enjoy this great book by my friend Sam Mason. Its a page-turner filled with refreshing scriptural insights on living the life God wants each of us to enjoy.
- BOB GASS, author of the The Word for You Today

This book is full of great lessons about how the way dogs interact with us can teach us about our relationship with God. I really enjoyed reading it. Im not aware of any other book like this. As a great dog lover all my life, I highly recommend Talking Dogs.
- JOHN P. MCTERNAN, author of As America Has Done to Israel

As I read Sams book I was reminded of a line from the greatest of all dog book authors Albert Payson Terhune. Terhune said that humans were unlucky because they didnt see their God until they died while a dog saw his god each time he looked into his masters face. This book might just help you find a deeper relationship with God by getting to better know Him through the canines He sends into your life. I know that has been true for me.
- ACE COLLINS, best-selling author