Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw
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Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw

How One Woman Finds Faith and Hope Through the Healing Love of Animals
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Peggy Frezon
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Luanne and her husband share a dream of living a simple life in the beautiful Vermont countryside. They stumble through building their own log home, gathering sap to make real maple syrup, and filling their little farm with animals. But these middle-aged homesteaders soon discover that their piece of paradise isnt without challenges. The dog has separation anxiety.
The goose is afraid of water.
Theres a fox in the pigpen and raccoons in the hen house.
Their homesick donkey cries all night.
And their truck has slipped into the pond.
And from there, things only get worse! Drawing upon a lifetime of meaningful relationships with animals, Luanne finds the courage to persevere. And when desperate circumstances threaten all that shes worked for, Luanne discovers strength in a most surprising place.
Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw is a true tale of faith and the healing bonds of animals. Luannes story shares how our pets can love, comfort and teach us as we take our own journey through life.