Reflections Through an Hourglass
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Reflections Through an Hourglass

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E.M. Souza
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The human mind, body and spirit is in constant need of an oasis to which it can constantly resort. In a world that is traveling faster than a rollercoaster, we will always find ourselves in a valley of decision The search for enlightenment, motivation and inspiration is the fuel that drives us and keeps us on the path we need to go. It allows us to go forward and not keep on going through the same revolving door in life. Words that inspire us and allows us to gain insight and question ourselves, will require answers to how we look at life and what we might have to do to change our perception about many different things. Sometimes words suddenly make us surprise ourselves, in realizing somewhere along lifes roll call, we have been missing a beat. We shock ourselves into admitting we were wrong or right about some things, but totally out of touch about other things, and like it or not we have to change our outlook Such is progress, but it also tells us something about ourselves, and how essential change is in all our lives in order to move forward in the march of time.
When wisdom enters your heart and knowledge is pleasant to your soul, discretion will preserve you, understanding will keep you. Proverbs 2:verse 10 & 11

Reflections through an Hourglass takes you on a tour of your heart and mind to your inner being so you might look into and question the meaning of your purpose in this life Every life is a Storybook. from the Introduction