Behind the Mirror
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Behind the Mirror

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Verlie Eva Miller
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It is 1924, and twenty-four-year-old Hanna Marie has returned home to Fergus Falls, Minnesota, after a six-year absence to care for her elderly mother and stepfather. Hanna has transported all her worldly belongingsand secretscontained in an old trunk, now sitting in a dark corner of the attic. With the key securely hidden, Hanna can only hope that no one will ever find a way to unlock what she has taken great pains to conceal.
With no sign of a knight in shining armor to rescue her, Hanna settles into a daily routine ensuring the family farm is running smoothly and caring for her new nephew, Karl. Hanna must be strong for everyone, but deep inside she pines for her family of her own. As she vows to enjoy baby Karl as much as possible, she only hopes that one day God will allow her to revel in the joy of motherhood. But as Hanna fills her days with laundry, teaching Bible classes, and making rugs, she has no idea that in the midst of tragedy, she will receive a letter that will change her life forever.

In this historical, romantic tale, a woman takes a journey of remembrance and faith as she discovers Gods amazing powers to forgive and heal.