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Thrift Store Shoes

A Memoir
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Connie Lounsbury
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Author Connie Lounsbury admits that, at times, she has been slow to listen to how God wants her to live. Now immersed in the third act of her life, she shares her blessings, mistakes, and the secret she carried during her childhood as she learned to hear Gods voiceeven in the most difficult times.Lounsbury begins her story in 1950 on a frigid morning in rural Minnesota when, at just nine years old, she was terrified to hear her father shout, "The house is on fire!" Her father was able to save just a few items before their house burned down. He had no insurance or job, and so life was not easy for the family. As Lounsbury details her journey through childhood and the years beyond, she illustrates the importance of Gods presence during challenging times, of teaching children about God, and of living a faith-filled life. From remaking cast-off clothing to buying shoes in thrift stores, Lounsbury shares how her family somehow survivedand even thrivedby relying on love, faith, and a fierce determination to persevere despite many obstacles.
Thrift Store Shoes shares a poignant glimpse into one womans inspirational journey from when she first accepted Christ into her heart to today, as her life continues in Gods graceand demonstrates that, no matter what, God is always with us.