Heart Songs
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Heart Songs

A Family Treasury of True Stories of Hope and Inspiration
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Kathryn Slattery
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The stories of our lives are a lot like songsbeautiful, eternal melodies composed by our loving God. In Heart Songs, author Kathryn Slattery shares some of these songs through her own life stories, seeking to provide hope, encouragement, and inspiration.
In this collection, she explores the joys and challenges of lifes changing seasonsbeing a young mother; being a member of the Sandwich Generation pressed on both sides to meet the needs of her aging mother while also caring for her husband and children; being an empty nester and losing her mother; and being a joyful mother of the bride.

Throughout her lifes journey, Slattery discovers fresh, helpful, spiritual insightsheart songsthat she shares as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend. With refreshing candor and gentle, self-effacing humor, Heart Songs captures those divine and fleeting moments when heavens music breaks through and our hearts sing in perfect harmony with our loving God.

Praise for Heart Songs

Kitty Slattery writes not just for the heart but for the soul. She reaches deep into her own life as well as the lives of others to find the stories that lift us up and give us the greatest gift any writer can givehope.

Edward Grinnan, editor-in-chief of Guideposts magazine and author of The Promise of Hope

Heart Songs is full of heart-tugging warmth and wisdom, a chance to savor the wonder of a life well-lived.
Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts magazine