Beauty for Ashes
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Beauty for Ashes

Portraits of Faith
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Sharon J. Weston
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We live in a world full of pain and bitterness. The daily headlines show a tide of distrust, discord, and disharmony sweeping across the globe. People of faith can be effective in such an environment, but only if they recognize that pain and perplexities abound wherever real people encounter the real struggles of everyday existence.
In Beauty for Ashes: Portraits of Faith, you will meet some remarkable women with incredible stories of faith and redemption. They are not celebrities. Their names and faces do not grace the covers of the magazines in the grocery checkout line. They are everyday women who have faced a variety of trials not unlike those everyone faces. In their darkest hours, they turned to God and discovered that he was the only hope that remained. They surrendered their lives to his love, mercy, compassion, and goodnessand God did not fail them.

God has helped them to become extraordinary women of faith, courage, and strengthable to reach out in love and compassion to others who are struggling and offer them the same hope that they have found. By working through ordinary people who are facing the sometimes overwhelming issues of daily life, God lets the world know that there is hope beyond the struggles and heartaches that can leave us feeling hopeless.

Come and walk with these women and let their faith and stories touch your heart. You will discover renewed hope and strength for your own journeyand perhaps even more.