Yesterday’S Future
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Yesterday’S Future

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Melanie Wilmshurst
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Herpetologist Elaina Westrick and her husband, Brayden, attempt to put devastating medical news behind them by flying away to exotic Oahu, Hawaii. She is intrigued by tour guide Isobel, who is fresh out of school for regression therapy. Unable to ignore her souls beckoning history, Elaina dives into four past lives. She uncovers memories she would rather forget and rediscovers forgotten knowledge she needs in order to achieve her aspirations for the future. She must recognize and accept her yin-and-yang past composite as part of her evolution into the person she hopes to become.
This historically accurate novel carries you to the United States, England, Ireland, ancient Athens, ancient Egypt, and Japan, on a journey through time from thousands of years ago to present day, from childhood to the golden years. Regardless of the time or place, Elaina encounters recurring souls who are still essential in her life of todayincluding her soul mate, Brayden.