Pure Magic
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Pure Magic

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George P. Matheos
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George P. Matheos combines his storytelling talent with his real world experiences to create six captivating tales that will delight and amaze in this fun short-story collection.
In Dragon Man, George Peter experiences a most memorable vacation laced with fear, adventure, love, and humility in a strange encounter with a disfigured man. A brave hero blasts through several universes seeking out Pure Mind to get the magic word that makes him a superhero on command in Commander Niko.

Modern knight Thomas falls in love with good witch Samantha while battling warlocks and dragons in Thomas and the Witch of Pig Prophets Hill. In Siena Chapters, Siena makes friends with mermaid Sirenia and hears the tragic story of the beautiful Melusina and handsome Prince Brandon.

One Day in the Life of Victor sees Victor splashing in pirate games and victories at sea in his backyard pool with his talking mice friends and mean and hungry cats. In The Meaning of Matteo, four year old Matteo stumbles upon hermits, werewolves, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cassiopeia before fastening on his Iron Man boots in the safe haven of his bedroom.

Bursting with colorful characters and rousing adventure, Pure Magic shows how the magic of childhood is filled with unending journeys into the imagination.