Room in the Attic
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Room in the Attic

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Vivian E. Moore
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Cori Matheson has just lost the only man she has ever loved. With two small children and another on the way, Cori is left with a house she cannot afford; she places an ad in the local paper to rent out the attic room in her Franklin, Texas, home. But Cori has no idea that when her ad is answered, her life will change forever.
College student Will Williams plans to spend his summer hiatus exploring the country, but when car problems strand him in Franklin, he has no choice but to find a temporary room to rent. Cori welcomes Will into her home while he waits for his car to be repaired, and they unwittingly ignite racial tension in their bigoted townfor Cori is white and Will is black. As a burning desire ignites the couple, the room becomes more than just a refuge for Will, who is anxious to begin his rite of passage into manhood. Meanwhile, Cori is about to discover that her vengeful ex-husband will stop at nothing to ruin her happiness.

Room in the Attic is a poignant romantic tale that reaches across racial lines and limitless boundaries and teaches that through humility and unconditional love, nothing is ever impossible.