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The Gospel Basics That Every Christian Should Know
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Mercy Chazuka
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Are you struggling to get anything to work? Do you feel like you have wronged God too much and feel discouraged and hopeless that He will accept you back? You have found the starting point! Gods grace is just the welcome gift you need to introduce you back to the Father. His grace is full of liberating news about the Fathers love for His children and how He has given his own Sons life in order to reconcile you back to Him. God has long forgiven your sins, so theres nothing to fear. Run back into his embrace, where the fullness of His grace abides. Isaiah 43 says, Forget the former things; Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! The devil would have you believe that all hope is gone that you are irrevocably brokenbut grace breaks through the lie.
Mercy Chazukas Grace: The Gospel Basics That Every Christian Should Know is a loving reminder of your Saviors hope for you. You dont owe Him anything; Jesus paid your price, and you are now, and always, an adored member of Gods family. Its time to remember that you are loved. It is never too late to turn back from the bad. Take the first step now, and live your best life forevermore.