The House of the Broken Hands
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The House of the Broken Hands

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Barbara O’Donnell
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Who was Narciste Duprey and why did he build a mansion on Poverty Ridgein Sacramento, California?
Why did his beauti ful wife, Velvulott a Gomez, hate him so much?
Why did the children born into this house have broken, shatt ered fi ngers?
Why, to this day, does the old mansion sit dark and empty?
The House of the Broken Hands is a frightening ghost story about the
people and the lives they lived in this mansion, and what happened
to them. Set in Sacramento in the 1990s, a journalist who lives in the
neighborhood becomes curious about the old house with no signs of life.
She is determined to learn its history, and aft er hearing the bare bones
of the story from an old woman who grew up in the neighborhood, she is
compelled to dig deeper into the houses past.