Pursuit and Other Poems
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Pursuit and Other Poems

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David J. Murray
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Pursuit and Other Poems offers a new collection of poetry presented in two parts, each of which highlights an extreme event that is part of a romantic experience. The first part is entitled Ode in Emerging from an Overdose, a single long poem that describes author David J. Murrays feelings when he was rescued from an unpremeditated suicide attempt. The second part is entitled Pursuit and contains 114 poems that chronicle Murrays emotional experiences with unrequited love.
Deeply personal and yet universal in nature, Murrays verse speaks to the hope and heartbreak of the human experience with love.

If Revisited

If you can grab your woman too abruptly,
If you forget that her birthday is today,
If you assume your desire for her is equalled
By her desire for a romp with you in the hay,
If you dare think a fuzzy morning stubble
Turns her right on, and that she desires you more,
If you assume that it is her bounden duty
To have the dishes done the night before,
If you dare think that your mind analytical
Is prejudice-free and objective more than hers,
And that her place is really in the kitchen
And not among lites or raconteurs,
Then you will trail behind her in the mall,
While she looks out for someone rich and tall.