2032 Was a Very Good Year
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2032 Was a Very Good Year

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J. William Mauck
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It is 2023, and the clouds for a perfect storm are gathering. Most of the worlds population is desperately fighting for survival. In the midst of the chaos and confusion, some countries have descended into civil war while others are attacking their neighbors. The timing is perfect for a monumental jihad to be launched against all infidels and the Great Satan. The world is about to experience a catastrophe event.
After Islamic terrorists annihilate much of the world and the dust and radiation finally settles, the reality is stark. Millions are dead, and now the survivors must test their resourcefulness in order to rebuild their communities. As civilization slowly comes back to life, Alex Foster attends college and is enthralled with the political history his professor shares in class. But someone else has captured even more of his attentionfellow student Lyra Ricci.
As the two lovers begin a passionate relationship, each struggles within the aftermath of a catastrophe that has replaced security and happiness with uncertainty and fear. Only time will tell if Alex and Lyra will realize their own truths in order to help recreate a better world.