The Amazing Discovery
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The Amazing Discovery

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Tracy Burch
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Hi, my name is Tracy Burch and I came from a family of five, three sisters and two brothers born in Detroit.
My book addresses a very serious concern in our society. It is being abused and used by men; first of all we need to end this cycle of abuse. I am qualified to write this because my sister has been abused and used by men all her life, and she is the person who inspired me to write these self-help non-fiction short stories, the inspirational guide. Langston Hughes has inspired me also to continue to write about the personal, social problems in our society, especially domestic violence toward women and children. I hope my poetry and short stories will inspire other writers to write about their experiences.

Theres nothing that gives me as much happiness as knowing that I gave each and every person some hope and lifted their spirits. The cover shows beautiful butterflies symbolizing women to open their wings and fly away from abuse into a better way of life.