Erosions of Death
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Erosions of Death

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Vanae Echoes
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Fabian and Sarah are a fairly newly wed couple who are both beyond financially established. Sarah once thought of her life with Fabian as incredible up until a few months ago when Fabians past love begins to haunt him. Sarah is keyed in to Fabians latest obsession as he is overly drawn into to the concept of reincarnation of his ex-wife Vanessa through Sarah. He will eventually have to face the consequences of his fatal heart sooner than hed imagine. The reciting, he made during both marriages, Till Death Due Us Part suddenly becomes an understatement beyond the eclipsed dimensions of both life and the aftermath of death. Within these dangerous enigma walls, battling wars with withered roses erupt from the realms of all dimensions; bursting from shadows amongst the three souls and finally into the palms of the wicket heart.