Hope from the Harvest Fields
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Hope from the Harvest Fields

One Farmer’S Journey Through God’S Word
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Burdette Rosendale
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Being a Christian and being a committed follower of Jesus Christ means having solid knowledge of the Bible and applying our understanding to our daily lives. Even so, many Christians in todays world have forgotten the Bibles stories andtheir relevance to modern life. Remember: our efforts in Gods field open our hearts to His great and all-encompassing love; our faith reaps eternal reward.

Hope from the Harvest Fields: One Farmers Journey through Gods Word, by Burdette Rosendale, explores thirty-six significant stories of the Bible as they reflect on his
lifetime of experience, helping each of us nurture and grow our knowledge and our faith. From the story of Creation to Gods revelation of the promised land, the Bible stories in Hope from the Harvest Fields show us the joy of sweet surrender in Jesus Christ as well as the clear truth of reaping the seeds we sow. As a farmer, Rosendale understands very well that with even his best efforts, there are no guaranteeshe must have faith in a bountiful harvest. Just so, God challenges and rewards our faithfulness with hope, guidance, and love.

As the abundance of hope in Gods kingdom opens before us, we realize we have all we need to begin our own faith journey, to seek and live out the purpose to which God is calling us.