The War of the Bould
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The War of the Bould

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Robert C. Thomason
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When Fordrun Noveton announces to his pioneer family that he wants to sell their holdings and move to a free homestead in the Bould, stunned silence greets him as seventeen pairs of eyes stare with shocked amazement. As he relocates his family to a land that holds great promise but no protection or guarantees, Fordrun soon realizes he has just made a perilous decision.
The surprises that await the enterprising family in their new home create great wealth, but also attract unwelcome attention from powerful men and dangerous armies. As mighty forces are brought together, the world is plunged into chaos. Meanwhile, as Lendum Noveton matures from a young boy to the most powerful man in a warring nation, he finds himself stripped of everything he loves and has no choice but to fight for nothing more than himself. But more trouble lies ahead. As the struggle for power overshadows the darkness in the east, evil patiently waits for the chance to unleash its vengeance.

The War of the Bould is a harrowing tale of loss, love, and human frailty in a dangerous world where good must battle evil in an all-out struggle for control of an uncertain future.