Minimum Wages- Maximum Dignity
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Minimum Wages- Maximum Dignity

A Manager’S Guide to Affirming the Worth of All Employees
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Brother Herman Zaccarelli
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A Managers Guide to Affi rming the Worth of All Employeesis a book that will be greeted enthusiastically by managers of
minimum-waged and other lower-paid workers in all businesses.
The hardships these workers face are real. Yet in todays economy,
increasing their wages is often not an option. But that does not mean
their managers and supervisors are powerless to help these
workers overcome many of their challenges.
In this important work, Brother Herman Zaccarelli uses his years
of management experience and keen insight into the human condition
to suggest over 100 creative low-cost or no-cost actions managers
can take to enhance their businesses, while at the same time
transforming the lives of their employees by:
Recognizing the Valuable Contribution of Lower-Waged Workers
Affi rming the Dignity of Each Worker
Assisting With Training and Education
Improving Workers Health
Enhancing the Lives of Workers Families
The information in this book can radically alter the lives of lower-waged workers.
Dont be surprised, however, if its insightful approach
to affi rming the dignity of all workers makes an equally
radical impact on your own view of life!
L. Edwin Brown
World Association of Chefs Societies
Secretary General, Retired