Manifesting Dreams
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Manifesting Dreams

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Robin Strachan
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After the man in her life betrays her trust, Carole Hannah Sherard decides that a life makeover is in order. Yearning for a more balanced life, she quits her job as a university vice president to move back to Walkers Corner, Pennsylvania, where she intends to cook in her familys business, the Creekside Tavern and Inn, and write a cookbook.
If theres one thing Carole Hannah knows for certain, its that her family isnt the most normal bunch. Every member of the Sherard clan has inherited what is known as the Scottish Sight. Her grandmother is a psychic healer. Her father is a kindly bartender always able to sense what customers need to hear. Her brother is a minister who cares deeply for his parishioners, but believes the Sight is a black mark on his soul.

Carole Hannah has inherited her familys psychic gifts, but learns that the Sight doesnt provide easy answers to every choice or challenge that faces her. Her high school sweetheart wants her back, but hes engaged to another woman. A troubled minister threatens her sister and best friend. And then there is Mark Baker, a handsome widowed professor who needs her help in more ways than one. Will Carole Hannah be able to use her abilities to help the people of Walkers Corner? Can she make all her dreams come true?