Making a Difference
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Making a Difference

My First Forty Years as an Immigrant
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John E. Milnes
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Blessed is the man who can love all men equally.St. Maximus the Confessor

In a colorful description of his experiences over the forty years he has lived in Canada after emigrating from his native England, John Milnes takes us on a journey through the many challenges he has faced. Over the decades, he has worked to make his community safer and better prepared. He served as a teacher, a farmer, a motocross promoter and referee, an equestrian show judge in Ontario and northern New York State, a political organizer, and as an occasional columnist for the local newspaper. After retiring from teaching, John got involved in environmental activities on a full-time basis; in acknowledgment of his rich experience, perspective, and skills, he was recruited as a top consultant for an international company.

John has always sought to make a difference in the lives of those with whom he has come in contact. Always aware of social needs in his home community and his travels throughout North America, he lives his life improving the lives of those around him in every possible way.

This is his story.