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Debbie Blankenship
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Sky Stevens is sixteen and has just watched her best friend die. Now she has to tell her parents that she is pregnant and wants to marry a man more than twice her age. Justin Rimmer has always told her he is wiser than all the boys her own age, but after Skys parents throw her out of the house, she wonders if it is true. As she silently prays for help, Justin gives her a pill that takes her heartache awayeven for just a little while.As she takes her wedding vows, Sky wonders if she will ever have a choice in life again that Justin does not make for her. Seemingly destined to live in a dirty trailer and endure her new husbands verbal and physical abuse, Skys already tragic life takes a turn for the worse when she receives horrible newsher parents have been killed in a car accident. Sky barely has time to grieve before she delivers her baby in a neighbors front yard.
Suddenly thrust into the responsibilities of motherhood amidst chaos, addiction, and abuse, Sky must summon the courage to take back her life from a man determined to ruin her forever.