Let’S Fall in Love ’Til Wednesday
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Let’S Fall in Love ’Til Wednesday

An Adventure of the Heart
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Joan Wendland
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Fiftysomething Kate is unemployed, available and weary of saying no to life for too long. Her elderly parents take her on a vacation to the Newfoundland wilderness. Add a bus load of childhood patterns and old voices. Add a bus load of 40 chaperones to an unexpected vacation romance. Ten years have passed since she let herself flirt with a dark and handsome man, but when Neal, the bus driver offers his hand to help her up the bus steps; the result is some hard and touching lessons on saying yes to love and life and discovering who she is, and not living her parents expectations of her.
Fall in love with this adventure of the heart. With a sense of humor and wisdom Kate finds it is never too late to take a coming of age journey.