Come Walk with Me to Glory
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Come Walk with Me to Glory

What Being a Christian Means to Me
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Dian Wells Matlock
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The emphasis of this book is on the magnificence of God and our desire to obtain as much of His holiness in our hearts as we can.
Come Walk with Me to Glory presents the reality of the love of God reaching out to us through the direct, personal, down-to-earth style of a heart that has been tested through both failure and success, and found to be true. We must stay focused on God, however difficult the test - whether it is losing a beloved husband to Alzheimers disease or a son to the ravages of AIDS. We must trust in God to become the anchor that enables us to survive the storms.

Come Walk with Me to Glory offers an opportunity to see the spiritual life through someone elses eyes and to grow through their experiences and their consequences without having to live them.

KIRKUS Review - Intensely personal spiritual memoir and testimony.... The author has uniquely structured this work to provide instruction, introspection and confession, with quality storytelling woven throughout...Matlock calls upon Christians to be bold, unafraid and intentional about living their faith. Anybody can be a child of God, but you have to want to be a servant. Through such intentional living, God provides opportunity, strength and direction. Matlocks writing is clear and approachable, and her style is personable and self-effacing ... It is homey and from the heart...Quiltlike gathering of memories and reflections from a faithful life.