Sunday Morning Volume 1
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Sunday Morning Volume 1

Inspirational Sermon Guide for Busy Pastors
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Dr. Richie Bell Jr.
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The Purpose of this Busy Pastors Sermon Guide:
Greetings to my fellow laborers of the Gospel. As a Senior Pastor, I found it difficult at times to have well prepared messages each week. As you know, a Pastor's time is stretched. At times, new ideas and thoughts are hard to develop as our minds are often full of the cares of the church. Sunday Morning Volume 1 is a Busy Pastors Sermon Guide for pastors looking for sermon ideas or outlines. Sermons are easier to prepare if you have the RIGHT RESOURCES and the RIGHT INFORMATION.

It is my hope that Sunday Morning Volume 1, Busy Pastors Sermon Guide will provide inspiration, provoke new thoughts for sermons, and remind us all of what is eternally important. It is my desire that even the experienced expositor, as he works his way through this guide, will be refreshed and reminded of helpful principles and truths.
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