Dream Come True
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Dream Come True

The Romano Family Trilogy – Book 1
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Debra A. Daly
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Despite being the wealthy, high-powered CEO of Romano Enterprises, Jack Romano is missing one major component in his lifetrue love. When his ice-princess wife dies in a fatal motor vehicle accident, Jack finds himself at a crossroad in his life.
Francesca OBrian is a veterinarian in New York City, but a frightening bout with cancer derails her successful career. While Frankie fights a war within her own body, she keeps hidden her secret gifther dreams come true. Many of her dreams feature a handsome stranger appearing in places
she has never seen before. While searching for her elusive true love, Frankie meets the man of her dreams by chancein the hospital. Jack steps out of her reverie and boldly into her life, as Francesca beholds the gift of a foregone legend.

As their love for one another grows, an old family feud threatens Frankies safety, and Jack discovers a secret from his haunted past that makes him truly
question his new love relationship. They must overcome these challenges to make Frankies dream come true.