They Took an Oath to Do No Harm!
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They Took an Oath to Do No Harm!

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Ms Valerie Montgomery
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This book was initially written as a way to come to grips with the loss of Caileen, But after writing a few sentences I discovered the best way to come to grips is not to. I discovered I had to speak out to tell the facts and her story in order to come to grips with this even in the slightest. I had to tell the world how the people we trust the most with our children turned a blind eye. I have suffered the greatest loss a mother could; seen the affects of this disease. It has torn apart my world and the worlds of so many that got the chance to glance at the happiest spirit you would ever know. The fight for Caileen has just begun. Though I reside in sunny California, it is dark and cloudy in my heart without CAILEEN'S SMILE.