The Language of Kings
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The Language of Kings

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E. James Logan
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In a culture marked by rap music, texting, and e-mail, the art of language is being reduced to short symbols, quick concepts, and melodic tones. As communicators, we are not using the power of language to shape the culture as was accomplished in much earlier cultures. In The Language of Kings, author E. James Logan examines the language spoken in the Bible and makes parallels to todays world.Using biblical quotations and follow-up examples, The Language of Kings analyzes the role of language between those favored by God and those who were disfavored. Bishop Logan shows how kings spoke di?erently than tyrants and dictators and describes the impact of those words on others.
The Language of Kings explores the possibility of reincarnating the faith-?lled language spoken by kings during the time of the Bible in order to bring about a more civilized, polite, and caring world. Bishop Logan advocates using kinder, gentler language that strengthens, encourages, and teaches the power of the spoken word.
By speaking the language of kings one to another; we will release, share and impart our love to each other. By doing so, people will know that Christ has disciplined us taught us to again speak the language of Kings! (EJL)