Valleys to Mountaintops
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Valleys to Mountaintops

Inspirational Health Journeys
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Teresa Meinert
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The author was twenty-six years old when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As Teresa Meinert worked she found she had a talent for speaking with people. At age forty she was no longer able to work in the conventional sense. Looking for new opportunities, Teresa returned to college. She graduated with a Masters from the University of Iowa. She then taught. Her own early teaching has helped Teresa to have a positive outlook on life, which she continues. She and her assistant live and work in Iowa.
In Valleys to Mountaintops, the phrase," Walk a mile in my shoes," takes on a new meaning. With this inspirational book, author Teresa Meinert shares the first-person stories of individuals who have experienced physical or mental health challenges and she celebrates their fortitude to survive and thrive.

From autoimmune disorders to vision difficulties, Valleys to Mountaintops reveals peoples deepest thoughts about what it's like to live with a disability; they talk about their challenges, and their joys. Jerome discusses his battle with paranoid personality disorder, Christina talks about what it's like to live with an eating disorder, Scott Harvey communicates the sometimes devastating implications of rheumatoid arthritis. Teresa follows these personal stories with helpful information about the issues causes and symptoms and relays helpful tips and resources.

Valleys to Mountaintops demonstrates that it's not easy to live with a health challenge. Even so, these stories serve to inspireto show the strength and determination of the human spirit.