Constructing the Life Course
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Constructing the Life Course

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James A. Holstein
The Reynolds Series in Sociology
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Constructing the Life Course offers a social constructionist perspective on personal experience through time. The text shows the variety of ways people use life course imagery in their everyday lives and makes a useful addition to family studies or gerontology courses.
Chapter 1 Introduction
Part 2 Perspectives on the Life Course

Chapter 3 Some Conventional Approaches to Life Change

Chapter 4 Behavioral Approach

Chapter 5 Psychoanalytic Approach

Chapter 6 Cognitive Approach

7 Covert Personality Approach

8 Symbolic Interactionist Approach

9 Functionalist Approach

10 Psychocultural Approach

11 Differences and Similarities

12 Putting Aside the Conventional

Part 13 The Constructionist Approach

14 The Analytic Framework

15 The Life Course Across Culture and History

16 Constructionist Assumptions

17 Bracketing the Life World

18 Situated Rationality

19 Documenting the Construction Process

20 Method, Emphases and Sources

Part 21 Typifying Life Change

22 The Typification Process

23 Typification in Process

24 Typification Shifts

25 Domains of Typification

26 A Lay Example

27 A Professional Example

28 Interpreting "Strange" Actions

29 Discerning the Adequately Normal

30 Being "On Time" or "Off Time"

Part 31 Predicting Futures

32 The School as Future Oriented Setting

33 Classroom Life

34 Schoolchildren's Futures

35 Predicting Growth in the Early Days

36 Constructing Tracks

37 "Practically" Adequate Solutions

39 Glossing Over Interpretive Practice

40 Assessing Potential

41 Assessing Potential

42 Producing Appropriate Answers

42 Producing Appropriate Answers

43 Negotiating Placement

Part 44 Constructing Competence

45 Situated Assignment

46 Imputing Readiness

47 Collaborative Accomplishment

48 Accounting for Incompetence

49 Interpretive Variability

50 Organizational Embeddedness

Part 51 Biographical Work

52 Biography as Work

53 Biographical Work Settings

54 The Use of Expertise

55 Images and Audiences

56 Interviewing as Biographical Work

57 Biography and Power

Part 58 Re-envisioning the Life Course

59 Interpretive Control

60 The Deprivatization of Experience

61 Narrative Malleability

62 Private Lives, Public Interpretations

63 Agency, Diversity and the Moral Order

64 The Utility of the Life Course

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