The Time Is Out of Joint
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The Time Is Out of Joint

Shakespeare as Philosopher of History
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Agnes Heller
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The Time Is Out of Joint presents an examination of Shakespeare's distinctly modern confrontation with time and temporality, the difference between the truth of the fact, that of theory, and that of interpretation and revelatory truth, and finds that Shakespeare anticipated post-metaphysical philosophy and its central concerns at a time when modern metaphysics had not yet reached it speak.
The Time Is Out of Joint handles the Shakespearean oeuvre from a philosophical perspective, finding that Shakespeare's historical dramas reflect on issues and reveal puzzles which were taken up by philosophy proper only in the centuries following them. Shakespeare's extraordinary handling of time and temporality, the difference between truth and fact, that of theory, and that of interpretation and revelatory truth are evaluated in terms of Shakespeare's own conjectural endeavors, and are compared with early modern, modern, and postmodern thought. Heller shows that modernity, which recognized itself in Shakespeare only from the time of Romanticism, found in Shakespeare's work a revelatory character which marked the end of both metaphysical system-building and a tragic reckoning with the inaccessibility of an absolute, timeless truth. Heller distinguishes the four stages found in constantly unique relation in Shakespeare's work (historical, personal, political, and existential) and probes their significance as time comes to fall 'out of joint' and may be again set aright. Rather than initially bestowing upon Shakespeare the dubious honorary title of philosopher, Heller probes the concretely situated reflections of characters who must face a blind and irrational fate either without taking responsibility for the discordance of time, or with a responsibility which may both transform history into politics, and set right the time which is out of joint. In the ruminations and undertakings of these characters, Shakespeare's dramas present a philosophy of history, a political philosophy, and a philosophy of (im)moral personality. Heller weighs each as distinctly modern confrontations with the possibility of truth and virtue within a human historical condition no less multifarious for its momentariness.
Part 1 The Time is Out of JointChapter 2 1. What is Nature? What is Natural?Part 2 No Man or Woman Can Set Time RightChapter 3 2. Who Am I? Dressing Up, Stripping NakedChapter 4 3. Acting, Playing, Pretending, DisguisingChapter 5 4. Absolute StrangersChapter 6 5. Judgment of Human Character: To Betray and To Be BetrayedChapter 7 6. Love, Sex, Subversion: Political Drama, Family DramaChapter 8 7. The Sphinx Called TimeChapter 9 8. Virtues and Vices; Guilt, Good, and EvilChapter 11 A. The History PlaysChapter 12 1. Richard IIChapter 13 2. 1, 2, and 3 Henry IVChapter 14 3. The Tragedy of Richard IIIChapter 15 B. Three Roman PlaysChapter 16 1. CorialanusChapter 17 2. Julius CaesarChapter 18 3. Antony and Cleopatra

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