Of Mikes and Men
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Of Mikes and Men

From Ray Scott to Curt Gowdy: Tales from the Pro Football Booth
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Curt Smith
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Drawing fans to the stadium, person or by radio/TV, the Voices in this book shaped the way generations experience the game. This book shares their recollections many todl expressly for this book-about subjects as diverse as the early AFL, Lombardi and Landry.
In this collection of anecdotes from the announcers of pro football, the Voices reminisce about a time before television, when the NFL was just making its floundering start and college ball held all the attraction. With the spread of television broadcasting, the Voices gain faces and the NFL gains an audience. Recall with the broadcasters the excitement of pivotal moments, the glory of the victors, and the great men who coached those champions. With their love of the work and lots of lighthearted memories about everything from the Heidi game to the glory of Green Bay to the birth of "Monday Night Football," these men and women bring football to life.

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