A Short History of the World
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A Short History of the World

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Geoffrey Blainey
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Here is a masterly account of the grand adventure of human history, brilliantly narrated by a distinguished historian.
A superb history of the world's people during the last four million years, beginning before the human race moved out of Africa to explore and settle the other continents. Mr. Blainey explores the development of technology and skills, the rise of major religions, and the role of geography, considering both the larger patterns and the individual nature of history. A delightful read, gracefully written, and full of odd and interesting pieces of information as well as thoughtful comparisons that span both time and space. —William L. O'Neill
Part 1 List of Maps vii
Part 2 Preface ix


Chapter 4 From Africa 3

Chapter 5 When the seas were rising 16

Chapter 6 The first green revolution 31

Chapter 7 The dome of night 45

Chapter 8 Cities of the valleys 53

Chapter 9 Amazing sea 68

Chapter 10 Lord of the Yellow, King of the Ganges 85

Chapter 11 The rise of Rome 101

Chapter 12 Israel and the anointed one 114

Chapter 13 After Christ 124

Chapter 14 The sign of the crescent 140

Chapter 15 The wild geese cross the mountains 150

Chapter 16 Towards Polynesia 159

Part 17 PART TWO

Chapter 18 Signpost 173

Chapter 19 The Mongols 175

Chapter 20 The perils of climate and disease 186

Chapter 21 New messengers 196

Chapter 22 Birdcage 205

Chapter 23 The Inca and the Andes 219

Chapter 24 Reformation 231

Chapter 25 Voyage to India 248

Chapter 26 The New World bears gifts 257

Chapter 27 The glass eye of science 269

Chapter 28 Dethroning the harvest 281


Chapter 30 The fall of a pack of cards 299

Chapter 31 Beyond the Sahara 314

Chapter 32 Noble steam 323

Chapter 33 Will all be equal? 340

Chapter 34 A globe unwrapped 356

Chapter 35 The world wars 370

Chapter 36 The bomb and the moon 384

Chapter 37 No fruits, no birds 402

Part 38 Epilogue 415

Part 39 Selected Sources 419

Part 40 Index 439

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