Who Owns the Environment?
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Who Owns the Environment?

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Peter J. Hill
The Political Economy Forum
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The past several decades have witnessed a growing recognition that environmental concerns are essentially property rights issues. Despite agreement that an absence of well-defined and consistently enforced property rights results in the exploitation of air, water, and other natural resources, there is still widespread disagreement about many aspects of America's property rights paradigm. The prominent contributors to Who Owns the Environment? explore numerous theoretical and empirical possibilities for remedying these problems. An important book for environmental economists and those interested in environmental policy.
Chapter 1 Property Rights and Externalities: Problems and Solutions
Chapter 2 Private Property Rights as the Basis for Free Market Environmentalism

Chapter 3 Property Rights, the Environment, and Economic Well-Being

Chapter 4 Property Rights as a Natural Order: Reciprocity Evolutionary and Experimental Considerations

Chapter 5 The Common Law and the Environment: The Canadian Experience

Chapter 6 Coase, Pigou, and Environmental Rights

Chapter 7 Existence Values and Other of Life's Ills

Chapter 8 From Stakeholders to Stockholders: A View from Organizational Theory

Chapter 9 Habitat Preservation: A Property Rights Perspective

Chapter 10 Viewing Wildlife through Coase-Colored Glasses

Chapter 11 Cooperating on the Commons: Case Studies in Community Fisheries

Chapter 12 The Constitutional Protection of Private Property

Chapter 13 Index