The Keys to the White House

The Keys to the White House
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A Surefire Guide to Predicting the Next President
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Allan J. Lichtman
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Prominent political analyst and historian, Allan J. Lichtman, presents thirteen historical factors, or 'keys,' that have successfully predicted the outcome of presidential elections from 1860 to 2004.
WithThe Keys to the White House: A Surefire Guide to Predicting the Next President, average citizens are giving the pollsters and pundits a run for their money. In this book, prominent political analyst and historian Allan J. Lichtman presents thirteen historical factors, or "keys" (four political, seven performance, and two personality), that determine the outcome of presidential elections. In the chronological, successful application of these keys to every election since 1860—including the 2000 election where Al Gore was predicted to and did indeed win the popular vote, and the 2004 contest for Bush's reelection—Lichtman dispels much of the mystery behind electoral politics and challenges many traditional assumptions. Scholars of the electoral process, their students, and general readers who want to get a head-start on calling Decision 2008 should not miss this book.
Chapter 1. Logic of the Keys: How Presidential Elections Really Work
Chapter 2. Turning the Keys to the Presidency
Chapter 3. Civil War and Reconstruction
Chapter 4. The Gilded Age
Chapter 5. Rise and Fall of Progressivism
Chapter 6. Depression, War, and Cold War
Chapter 7. New Directions, War, and Scandal
Chapter 8. The Reagan Revolution
Chapter 9. A False Dawn for Democrats
Chapter 10. The Winds of Political Change: Forecast for 2008
Chapter 11. Lessons of the Keys: Toward a New Presidential Politics

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