The Human Tradition in Modern China

The Human Tradition in Modern China
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Kenneth J. Hammond
The Human Tradition around the World series
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Through compelling biographies of a wide range of historical figures, this engaging text presents a panorama of modern Chinese history that illustrates the great social and political changes that have occurred over the past 500 years. Through the lives of both the famous and the obscure, the contributors explore such enduring themes of the flexibility of the definition of "Chinese" in an era of imperialism and revolution, the tremendous transformations in gender relations, and the wide gap between the lives of urban and rural Chinese. Richly researched, these biographies are written in an accessible and appealing style that will engage all readers interested in modern China.
This lively and engaging text offers a panorama of modern Chinese history through compelling biographies of the famous and obscure. Spanning five hundred years, they include a Ming dynasty medical pioneer, a Qing dynasty courtesan, a nineteenth-century Hong Kong business leader, a Manchu princess, an arsenal manager, a woman soldier, and a young maid in contemporary Beijing. Through the lives of these diverse people, readers will gain an understanding of the complex questions of modern Chinese history: What did it mean to be Chinese, and how did that change over time? How was learning encouraged and directed in imperial and post-imperial China? Was it possible to challenge entrenched gender roles? What effects did European imperialism have on Chinese lives? How did ordinary Chinese experience the warfare and political upheaval of twentieth-century China? What is the nature of the gap between urban and rural China in the post-Mao years? These richly researched biographies are written in an accessible and appealing style that will engage all readers interested in modern China.

Contributions by: Daria Berg, John M. Carroll, Kenneth J. Hammond, Joshua H. Howard, Fabio Lanza, Oliver Moore, Pan Yihong, Hugh Shapiro, Kristin Stapleton, and Shuo Wang
Chapter 1: Li Shizhen: Early Modern Scientist
Chapter 2: Amazon, Artist, and Adventurer: A Courtesan in Late Imperial China
Chapter 3: Zou Boqi on Vision and Photography in Nineteenth-Century China
Chapter 4: Ho Kai: A Chinese Reformer in Colonial Hong Kong
Chapter 5: Der Ling: Manchu Princess, Cultural Advisor, and Author
Chapter 6: Li Chenggan: Patriot, Populist, and Factory Patriarch
Chapter 7: The Beijing University Students in the May Fourth Era: A Collective Biography
Chapter 8: The Reluctant Mendicant
Chapter 9: Hu Lanqi: Rebellious Woman, Revolutionary Soldier, Discarded Heroine, Triumphant Survivor
Chapter 10: Zhao Ruiqin: A Peasant Woman in Gansu and Domestic Worker in Beijing

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