Richard Rorty

Richard Rorty
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Politics and Vision
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Christopher J. Voparil
20th Century Political Thinkers
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This book offers a fresh perspective on Richard Rorty by situating his work in the arena of political theory. Reinterpreting Rorty's much-maligned antirepresentationalism as a Romantic affirmation of the power of imaginative writing, Voparil firmly grounds Rorty in an American tradition that includes not only James and Dewey, but Emerson, Whitman, and James Baldwin, and initiates an overdue reassessment of this important thinker's value to the political discourse of the 21st century.
The first full-length work devoted to Richard Rorty from the perspective of political theory, this book offers a fresh assessment of the promise of the renowned pragmatist's project. Framing Rorty's discourse as one of meaning and persuasion rather than truth and accuracy of representation, Voparil sheds new light on many of Rorty's most misunderstood and maligned stances, including his practice of "redescription" and disavowal of "getting it right," as well as his embrace of the novel and "sentimental education." As political theory, Rorty's perspective, not unlike Sheldon Wolin's, values the imagination, the ability to come up with new metaphors and angles of vision, and is driven by a deep desire to reinvigorate a moribund and detached contemporary left.

Voparil's account engages the full range of Rorty's intellectual forebears, grounding his thought in an American tradition that extends beyond the classical pragmatists to include Emerson, Whitman, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and James Baldwin, in addition to chapters that trace Rorty's connection to such diverse figures as Marx, Mill, Dickens, Isaiah Berlin, and Milan Kundera.
Chapter 1 Acknowledgements
Chapter 2 List of Abbreviations
Chapter 3 Introduction: Reading Rorty
Chapter 4 Chapter 1. Pragmatism and Personal Vision
Chapter 5 Chapter 2. The Mirror and the Lever
Chapter 6 Chapter 3. The Politics of the Novel
Chapter 7 Chapter 4. The Limits of Sympathy
Chapter 8 Chapter 5. Reflections on Public and Private
Chapter 9 Chapter 6. American as the Greatest Poem
Chapter 10 Conclusion. Rorty and Thesis Eleven

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