Sports Fan Violence in North America

Sports Fan Violence in North America
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Jerry M. Lewis
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This book argues that sport is essential to the social health of any society. Participation in the sport fan experience is very meaningful for a significant portion of the membership of any society. This volume argues that sports fan violence, particularly celebrating riots after championship play, disturbs and harms one of the key positive aspects of sports.
This extensively researched book addresses sports fan violence sociologically, using both theoretical models and empirical data. Lewis draws from the theoretical approaches based on the collective behavior models of Neil J. Smelser and Clark McPhail in order to show how to study fan violence using the intensive case history method. This method is then applied to an in-depth analysis of the Ohio State-Michigan football celebration riot in 2002 and the Boston Red Sox celebration riot in 2004. The book concludes by proposing solutions for the prevention and control of sports fan violence.
Chapter 1 Introduction to Sports Fan Violence in North America
Chapter 2 Sports Fan Violence: An Overview
Chapter 3 Approaches to Studying Sports Fan Violence
Chapter 4 Social Correlates of Sports Fan Violence
Chapter 5 Socialization of the Violent Fan: Research Questions
Chapter 6 The Ohio State and Red Sox Celebrating Riots
Chapter 7 Serious Fan Violence and the Importance of Sport
Chapter 8 Solutions to the Problems of Fan Violence

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