Renewing Parish Culture

Renewing Parish Culture
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Building for a Catholic Future
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John J. Piderit
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In this volume Piderit and Morey discuss the problem of declining parishes and bring some solutions to light. The authors pinpoint four basic principles - narrative, norms, benefits, and practices - which have been used effectively by nuns to reach their parishioners for years. In addition, they prescribe creative applications of these principles to address specific problems such as Mass attendance, Eucharistic culture, prayer, and religious education.
American Catholic parishes throughout the country have been shrinking since the 1960s. John J. Pideret, S.J., and Melanie Morey bring fifty years of experience in Catholic colleges and universities where they had extensive contact with young Catholics and New York City parishes. In this volume they discuss the general problem of declining parishes and specify several solutions to the various underlying issues. The authors employ four basic principles-narrative, norms, benefits, and practices-to increase Mass attendance, to strengthen a broad Eucharistic culture, to encourage a wider use of prayer, and to establish enduring religious education. This book is an important resource for every Catholic church.
Part 1 Foreward
Part 2 Preface
Part 3 Part I: The Framework
Chapter 4 Chapter 1: The Parish
Chapter 5 Chapter 2: Catholic Culture and the Sisterhoods — A Legacy of Strong Leadership
Chapter 6 Chapter 3: Reclaiming the Sisters' Legacy
Part 7 Part II: Issues for Parishes
Chapter 8 Chapter 4: Mass Attendance
Chapter 9 Chapter 5: Eucharistic Culture
Chapter 10 Chapter 6: Penance - The Sacrament of Reconciliation
Chapter 11 Chapter 7: Divine Intervention and Prayer
Chapter 12 Chapter 8: Religious Education of Children and Adults
Chapter 13 Chapter 9: Loving Service in a Faith Community
Part 14 Part III: Issues for both Parishes and Dioceses
Chapter 15 Chapter 10: Priest Shortage and Pastors
Chapter 16 Chapter 11: Lay Leaders in the Parish
Chapter 17 Chapter 12: Finances and Growth
Chapter 18 Chapter 13: Politics and the Witness Community

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