Subjectivity Without Subjects
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Subjectivity Without Subjects

From Abject Fathers to Desiring Mothers
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Kelly Oliver
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What do the Promise Keeper's Movement and the Million Man March reveal about our notions of masculinity and paternal responsibility? What can such films as Varda's Vagabond and Bergman's Persona tell us about contemporary notions of masculinity and femininity? In this provocative new book, well-known feminist and philosopher Kelly Oliver examines the dynamics of identity to develop a new theory which challenges traditional notions of paternity and maternity.
Chapter 1 Introduction
Part 2 Part I: Abject Fathers

Chapter 3 The Morality of American Manhood, Responsibility and Virility

Chapter 4 Fatherhood and the Promise of Ethics

Chapter 5 Abjection in Fassbinder's
Dispair and Polanski's
The Tenant

Part 6 Part II: Desiring Mother

Chapter 7 Kristeva's Imaginary Father as a Screen for the Desiring Mother

Chapter 8 Recognition, Witnessing, and Identity: Drucilla Cornell on Family Law

Chapter 9 Face to Face With the Mother: Alterity in Bergman's

Part 10 Part III: Subjectivity Without Subjects

Chapter 11 Fractal Politics: How to Use the Subject

Chapter 12 Between Soma and Psyche: Kristeva and the Crisis in Meaning

Chapter 13 Subjectivity Without Subjects: Circulation from Vision to Visions

Chapter 14 Beyond Recognition: Witnessing the Other Otherwise in Varda's

Chapter 15 Notes

Chapter 16 Bibliography

Chapter 17 Index