Stubborn Fact and Creative Advance
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Stubborn Fact and Creative Advance

An Introduction to the Metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead
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Thomas E. Hosinski
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" attractive alternative to Victor Lowe's Understanding Whitehead, Ivor Leclerc's
Whitehead's Metaphysics, and Donald Sherburne's
A Key to Whitehead's Process and Reality....Recommended for advanced undergraduates and beyond."-CHOICE
Chapter 1 Introduction: Whitehead and His
Philosophy of Organism

Part 2 Part I: Human Experience and Actual Entities

Chapter 3 Human Experience and Common Sense

Chapter 4 The Theory of Concrescence: Initial Phase

Chapter 5 Theory of Concrescence: Responsive and Integrative Phases

Chapter 6 The Theory of Concrescence: The Supplemental Phases in "Higher Grade" Occasions

Chapter 7 Societies and Grades of Actual Occasions

Part 8 Part II: God and the World

Chapter 9 The Primordial Nature of God: The Unity of Actuality

Chapter 10 The Ultimacy of God

Part 11 Part III: Whitehead and Christian Theology

Chapter 12 The Usefulness of Whitehead's Philosophy for Christian Theology