Rethinking Masculinity
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Rethinking Masculinity

Philosophical Explorations in Light of Feminism
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Robert Strikwerda
New Feminist Perspectives
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Essaysdiscuss masculinity and violence, research on differences between men's and women's brains, as well as impotence, sexual ambiguity, and whether black men have a moral duty to marry black women.
The new edition of this popular book is reorganized to present pairs of contrasting views on what it means to be a man in contemporary Western culture. Addressing such issues as sex differences, fatherhood, intimacy, homosexuality, and oppression; the collection also includes new discussions of paternity, pornography, mixed-race marriage, impotence, and violence. Rethinking Masculinity is an excellent text for gender studies, ethics, and social philosophy courses.
Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Sex Differences

Chapter 3 Sex and Social Roles

Chapter 4 Behavior, Biology and the Brain

Chapter 5 Aggression and Violence

Chapter 6 The Enduring Appeals of Battle

Chapter 7 Masculinity and Violence

Part 8 Intimacy and Sexual Identity

Chapter 9 Male Friendship and Intimacy

Chapter 10 Gender Treachery

Part 11 Romance and Marriage

Chapter 12 Real Men

Chapter 13 Do Black Men Have a Moral Duty to Marry Black Women?

Part 14 Paternity and Responsibility

Chapter 15 Bioethics and Fatherhood

Chapter 16 The Facts of Fatherhood

Part 17 Fatherhood and Manhood

Chapter 18 Fatherhood and Nurturance

Chapter 19 About Losing It: The Fear of Impotence

Part 20 Pornography and Sexuality

Chapter 21 Pornography and the Alienation of Male Sexuality

Chapter 22 Erogenous Zones and Ambiguity: Sexuality and the Bodies of Women and Men

Part 23 Oppression and Empowerment

Chapter 24 Honor, Emasculation, and Empowerment

Chapter 25 Are Men Oppresses?