Public Sociologies Reader
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Public Sociologies Reader

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Judith Blau
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By highlighting the role of the Public Sociologist and the international conception of human rights, this volume uniquely contributes to scholarship and current debates, while it also accomplishes two other objectives: first, it will be useful in the classroom; and second, it reorganizes themes that relate to globalization from a new perspective.
At an earlier time, sociologists C. Wright Mills, W. E. Du Bois, and Jane Addams loudly protested injustices and inequities in American society, provided critiques and analyses of systems of oppression, and challenged sociologists to be responsible critics and constructive commentators. These giants of American sociology would have applauded the 2004 meetings of the American Sociological Association. The theme of the meetings, Public Sociology, presided over by President Michael Burawoy, sparked lively debate and continues to be a spur for research and theory, and a focal point of ongoing discussions about what sociology is and should be. This volume advances these discussions and debates, and proposes how they can be further sharpened and developed. Some authors in this volume clarify the distinctive roles that Public Sociologists can play in the discipline, in the classroom, and in larger society. Others provide critical analyses, focusing, for example, on aspects of American society and institutions, global corporate actors, sweatshop practices, international neoliberal organizations, migration policies, and U.S. environmental policies. Others advance new ways of thinking about global interdependencies that include indigenous groups, peasants, as well as societies in industrialized and developing states, and international organizations. Still others propose visions of transformative processes and practices that are progressively affirmative, even activist —- in the spirit of 'A Better World is Possible!!' This volume provides an overview of some of the major debates in sociology today and places emphasis on the importance of human rights in the 'One (globalized) World' we live in today. Authors engage these debates with spirited enthusiasm and write exceptionally clearly about those topics that may be new to American readers.
Chapter 1 Introduction: A Public Sociology for Human Rights
Chapter 2 The Local and the Global: Critical Globalization Studies

Chapter 3 The Local and the Global: Cosmopolitan Citizenship

Chapter 4 The Struggle for Global Society in a World System

Chapter 5 A Movement Rising: Vision and Strategy from the Bottom Up

Chapter 6 Neoliberal Globalization and the Question of Sweatshop Labor in Developing Countries or Rights

Chapter 7 Framing Social Security Rights

Chapter 8 Latin America: Capital Accumulation and the Role of International Organizations

Chapter 9 Indigenous in Itself to Indigenous for Itself

Chapter 10 Migrants, Rights, and States

Chapter 11 Understanding Disasters: Vulnerability, Sustainable Development, and Resiliency

Chapter 12 Promoting Sustainability

Chapter 13 Promoting Peace through Global Governance

Chapter 14 Ejidos: Local and Global Publics

Chapter 15 Teaching Public Sociologies

Chapter 16 What Does Feminism Have to Say about Public Sociology

Chapter 17 The Challenge to Public Sociology: Neo-Liberalism's Illusion of Inclusion