Philosophy in Multiple Voices
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Philosophy in Multiple Voices

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George Yancy
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The scope of Philosophy in Multiple Voices provides the reader with eight philosophical streams of thought-African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Asian-American, Feminist, Latin-American, Lesbian, Native-American and Queer-that introduce readers to alternative, complex philosophical questions concerning gendered, sexed, racial and ethnic identities, canon formation, and meta-philosophy. The overriding theme of the text is that philosophy is pluralistic in voice, rich in diversity, and ought to valorize democratic intellectual spaces of philosophical engagement.
Philosophy in Multiple Voices invites transactional dialogue, critical imagination, and the desire to travel to enter those discursive spaces where the love of wisdom gets inflected through both lived embodiment and situational history. The text raises significant meta-philosophical questions around the issue of who constitutes the 'philosophical we' through a delineation and valorization of multiple philosophical voices-African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Asian-American, Feminist, Latin-American, Lesbian, Native-American and Queer-that set forth complex concerns around canon formation, the relationship between philosophical discursive configurations and issues of gendered, sexed, racial and ethnic identities, the dynamic of shifting philosophical historical trajectories, differential philosophical visions, sensibilities, and philosophical praxes that are still largely underrepresented within the institutional confines of 'mainstream' philosophy. The text encourages philosophical heterogeneity as a value that ought to be nurtured.
Chapter 1 Introduction: No Philosophical Oracle Voices
Chapter 2 Chapter 1: What is Feminist Philosophy?

Chapter 3 Chapter 2: What is Lesbian Philosophy? (A Misleading Question)

Chapter 4 Chapter 3: What is Queer Philosophy?

Chapter 5 Chapter 4: What is Africana Philosophy?

Chapter 6 Chapter 5: What ss Afro-Caribbean Philosophy?

Chapter 7 Chapter 6: What is Latin American Philosophy?

Chapter 8 Chapter 7: What is American Indian Philosophy? Towards a Critical Indigenous Philosophy

Chapter 9 Chapter 8: What is Asian American Philosophy?