The Gospel of César Chávez

The Gospel of César Chávez
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My Faith in Action
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Mario T. Garcia
Celebrating Faith: Explorations in Latino Spirituality and Theology
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Best known as the leader of the farm workers' struggle and of the Latino civil rights movement, Chávez, like Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King, was a deeply religious figure whose faith and spirituality guided his public life.
The Gospel of César Chávez uses the prolific leader's own words to bring attention to his profound faith and the way this faith shaped his leadership.
Once asked to explain how he had sustained himself over so many years of struggle, César Chávez responded: "I don't think I could base my will to struggle on cold economics or some political doctrine. For me, the base must be faith."

In evaluating the life and struggles of César Chávez, one of the most recognized Latino leaders in the United States and the first labor leader to successfully organize and unionize U.S. farm workers, many historians, journalists, and other writers have largely missed one significant factor of his life—his faith and deep spirituality.
The Gospel of César Chávez uses the prolific leader's own words to express his profound faith and the way it shaped his life and leadership.
Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Chapter 1 - Abuelita or Grandmother Theology

Chapter 3 Chapter 2 - Power of Faith

Chapter 4 Chapter 3 - Human Dignity

Chapter 5 Chapter 4 - On the Poor

Chapter 6 Chapter 5 - Self Sacrifice

Chapter 7 Chapter 6 - Nonviolence

Chapter 8 Chapter 7 - Social Justice

Chapter 9 Chapter 8 - Pilgrimage

Chapter 10 Chapter 9 - Fasting

Chapter 11 Chapter 10 - On Gandhi

Chapter 12 Chapter 11 - On Love

Chapter 13 Chapter 12 - On Truth

Chapter 14 Chapter 13 - On Our Lady of Guadalupe

Chapter 15 Chapter 14 - On Prayer and Meditation

Chapter 16 Chapter 15 - On the Spirituality of Anti-Racism

Chapter 17 Chapter 16 - On Ecumenism and Brotherhood

Chapter 18 Chapter 17 - On Humility, the Spirituality of Non-Discrimination and Death

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