The Matrix of the Mind
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The Matrix of the Mind

Object Relations and the Psychoanalytic Dialogue
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Thomas H. Ogden
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Clinicians who read this volume will be richly awarded by an expanded understanding of their patients and the therapeutic process.
This book is exciting, original, and above all accessible–a rare combination for a text which deals in depth with psychoanalytical theory. Non-analysts are frequently both baffled and alienated by the jargon and the complexity of works which extend psychoanalytical thinking, but Ogden is revealed in this book as an outstanding communicator as well as a major theoretician. The book's subtitle is a guide to the main focus of the work, which reinterprets the work of Melanie Klein, with its focus on phantasy, in relation to the biological determinants of perception and the meaning and organization of experience in the interpersonal setting of human growth and development. Ogden re-interprets Klein to illuminate Freudian instinct theory, using the contributions of Bion, Fairbairn, and particularly Winnicott–British object relations theorists–to clarify and extend aspects of their work and to move towards an impressive exposition of the way in which the human mind develops."

–Pamela M. Ashurst, The British Journal of Psychiatry

A Jason Aronson Book
Chapter 1 The Psychoanalytic Dialogue

Chapter 2 Instinct, Phantasy, and Psychological Deep Structure in the Work of Melanie Klein

Chapter 3 The Paranoid-Schizoid Position:Self as Object

Chapter 4 The Depressive Position and the Birth of the Historical Subject

Chapter 5 Between the Paranoid-Schizoid and the Depressive Position

Chapter 6 Internal Object Relations

Chapter 7 The Mother, the Infant, and the Matrix in the Work of Donald Winnicott

Chapter 8 Potential Space

Chapter 9 Dream Space and Analytic Space