Escape to Freedom
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Escape to Freedom

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Leon Rubinstein
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As a ten-year-old child, Leon Rubinstein fled Germany with his parents in 1933 to Luxembourg and then Belgium, which they fled again on the morning of the Nazi invasion. They dwelt quietly as refugees in the south of France until the Vichy government began its roundup of foreign Jews for deportation. After his father's arrest, Leon endeavors to save himself and his mother with a daring journey to the border towns of southeastern France. Among their encounters, they hitch a ride with German SS officers, while disguising their identities. Their arduous journey leads them to Switzerland, where the memoir provides a rare look at the lives of Jewish refugees in the Swiss work camps.

Throughout this deeply felt story is Rubinstein's awareness of his transformation from adolescence to young manhood amid the catastrophic losses and dislocations of the war years in Europe. His personal story resonates with anyone who remembers discovering love, as well as the necessity of choices and sacrifices.
Part 1 Foreword

Part 2 Preface

Chapter 3 Leaving Frankfurt

Chapter 4 Luxembourg and Brussels

Chapter 5 War Comes to the West

Chapter 6 Camp Agde

Chapter 7 Aubenas

Chapter 8 Family and Friends

Chapter 9 The Escape

Chapter 10 Arrival in Switzerland

Chapter 11 Camp Sierre

Chapter 12 The Guetsch

Chapter 13 Camp Bonstetten

Chapter 14 The Children's Home at Speicher

Chapter 15 Basel

Chapter 16 Vera

Chapter 17 A Nation is Born

Chapter 18 America

Part 19 Epilogue

Part 20 Acknowledgements

Part 21 About the Author