Colonial Mentality in Africa
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Colonial Mentality in Africa

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Nkuzi Michael Nnam
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Intended for a broad audience, Colonial Mentality in Africa explores the lingering effects of colonization in present day Africa. Despite the independence of all African nations from their former colonizers mental slavery still persists. This new work explores the social climate of Africa and the thriving "colonial mentality". The book explores issues such as matriarchy, religion, tradition and values, law, the influence of Islam, and government.
Chapter 1 What Do You Know About Africa?

Chapter 2 Colonization

Chapter 3 Life in Africa

Chapter 4 Government

Chapter 5 Matriarchy

Chapter 6 Omenani

Chapter 7 Tradition and Values

Chapter 8 Religion

Chapter 9 Islamic Influence

Chapter 10 Law

Chapter 11 Philosophy

Chapter 12 Every Name Has a Meaning

Chapter 13 Sayings

Chapter 14 Conclusions

Chapter 15 Index

Chapter 16 Glossary

Chapter 17 Bibliography